Saturday, March 24, 2012

A quantum perspective on splitting the nuclear family

Why failed Romeos turn to drink
New Scientist, 24 March 2012

I drink to forget:

my mother standing beside
herself, watching the slow disintegration
of her favoured son upon an ice-lapped beach,
her faith breached beneath the waterline;

returning in darkness to an unlit home
where the cowardly letter I'd left would be neither
read nor unread before I’d lifted the house's lid
to see if the cat was alive or dead, and because
the cat lived, her kittens had to be drowned one by one;

my father's glass eyes seeing through
small consolations, numbly asserting his pride
for the very first time, and this on a day he has none.

how loving me causes pain.
Best people just say, ‘he’s started drinking again.’

(c) 2012 Slush Poet

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